Trek (the trail & level of difficulty)

Depending on the number of days and length of time in the jungle, treks can vary from moderate to challenging, but are definitely unimaginably rewarding.The Sumatran Jungle is mountainous with continuous peaks and valleys. This is the habitat of the orangutans - dense, beautiful rainforest with ficus trees and vines reaching from the top of tree canopy down to the jungleThere are definitely challenging parts to the trails, when you’re headed straight up to the mountain ridges or straight down to the valleys and river. With a moderate amount of fitness, you should be fine.  We walk at your pace, take regular breaks, and will help you along the way, should you need encouragement or help with carrying your pack.





heri making lunch.jpg

Our meals stand out amongst the rest! Our chef diki artfully prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, We went through a careful interviewing process to select our chef. diki was the very best choice! He goes out of his way to please every appetite. The meals we provide include:

  • Breakfast: Banana pancakes/crepe, with cut fruits, tea and coffee, perfect to prepare you for the morning of trekking

  • Lunch: Fresh, replenishing, and nourishing mi goreng or nasi goreng. As you get deeper into the Jungle on longer treks of 3 days or more, you could be greeted or watched during your meal from the canopy by a curious orangutan!)

  • Dinner: A range of curries and chap chay, with rice, tempe, or local sumatran delicacies. Whatever surprises diki has up his sleeve provide a big spread and great food at the end of the day!

  • Snacks: We bring fresh fruits with us on the trail like watermelon, pineapple, oranges, and local rambutan/lychee.


Sleeping arrangement

Camp will be prepared when you arrive. A fire will be burning with coffee, tea, and biscuits waiting for you. Sit by the river and relax after a day of trekking in the jungle. Take time to share stories and photos as dinner is prepared.


The open communal huts where you sleep are built with bamboo and jungle roofing material. They will keep you dry even in the biggest jungle rains (it is the rainforest after all!). The ground is firm with camping mats provided and placed for individual sleeping areas. After a day of trekking, you will sleep like a baby. If you want, bring a sheet (it’s too hot for a full sleeping bag) or a pillow (a stuff bag with clothes works in a pinch).  

Packing list (clothing and gear)

  • Clothing: wear long, loose, breathable clothes to protect against mosquitos and the heat. The jungle can be very hot and humid, so shorts and T-shirts are also acceptable.

  • Boots or trainers, but with enough support

  • headlamp

  • long hiking pants and long sleeve (for later at night when the temperature drops and to keep to mozies away)

  • mosquito repellent

  • sunscreen

  • flip flops for camp

  • rainjacket

  • swimsuit - for tubing and river swims

  • toilet paper (camp only has a jungle toilet)

  • 2 litres of water per person - unlimited refills available at camp each evening

  • day pack

  • camera

  • extra batteries for camera and headlamp - there is no electricity in the jungle

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • binoculars

  • waterproof pouch (for camera/ batteries/etc)


Bukit Lawang lodging

There are many great guesthouses perched up high on the embankment of the river. We can arrange lodging for you prior to your arrival and for the night you get back from your trek! Some of our favorite places for lodging and food are: Sam's Bungalow's, Jungle Inn, Riverside, batu mandi, and so many more! Bukit Lawang is a great little town worth exploring.


Throughout the year, temperatures are warm. Average daily ranges are from high 20s to low 30s, with humidity. We live in the jungle, so rain is common in any month! Dry season is in May to September. Shoes with good treads and hats are helpful for trekking in the rain. We trek in rubber shoes that are made locally, and can help you find a pair if you'd like. For weekly weather, check here.