The quality and skills of its teams is important for our company to ensure that the needs and aspirations of its guests and tourists are well catered for. In this regard the Company has developed and is implementing a company Guide training and accreditation system for all its Guides.

International teams who work with us in specialist fields such as birding and art tours. These guides have a proven track record of taking tours all over of Sumatra.





kibo heri.gif

heri kibo was born in the small villages of bukit lawang .working as a guide for more than 8 years ,hundreds of people have experienced the magic jungle with him ,some for one 1 day,and others for longer 8 days trekking .working many at guest house over the years , heri kibo has built up a wealth of travel imformation and trusted contacts ,so whether you a need a car booked ,want some travel imformation ,advice on what jungle trekking is best for you ,or tailored just for you , heri kibo is the man like to talk to.













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my name is putra .i am born and growing up in bukit lawang and i am a licensed guide in the gunung leuser national park in bukit lawang sumatra my passion is to show our wonderfull jungle to everyone .who interested in the wildlife & animal and impressive flora and fauna our jungle is famous to see orangutan in their nantural habitat of nature putra is work more than 7 years as be guide and bring lot of people from the other country come join with putra and he will show amazing place in the jungle putra is the person always like to laughing and funny









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kellan hays is manager of autodesk working and life in united state of american and north sumatra bukit lawang travelling and discovering the beauty of other cultures has been her passion for more than 20 years .she specialist for south East Asia Travel and particulary fond of north sumatra .Her vision is to promote suitanable ,responsible tourism in gunung leuser national park region of north sumatra bukit lawang .tourism that is fair ,save and affordable for travellers .With new ideas .and innovatitive .concept and BY advanced of clients arrangements .she has for many years .been supporting her partnerHERI KIBO the owners of sumatra orangutan treks teamkellan is the person like to talk & Imformative so whatever you like to ask just ask all of the imformation with she feel free too







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helmi has over 7 years 'experience as gunung leuser national park guide helmi is specialize in 2 or 4 day jungle trekking .he is strong knowledge for jungle trekking conservation and he is happy to inform you of the issues ,His experience show the jungle skill for every traveller who lover nature and adventure of tropical rain forest of north sumatra bukit lawang Helmi has really good english speaking and he is always funny and always share a story about flora & fauna come join with helmi and feel stay more close with nature and the jungle













jojo was born in Bukit lawang  and spend his whole life here.He knows Bukit Lawang and the Gunung leuser national park very well and has more than 8   years experience with jungle trekking and as a tourist guide. He is also certified by the Indonesia Tourist Guides Association (ITGA-HPI Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia).He knows Bukit Lawang and the environment as well as almost each of the jungle trekking guides in Bukit Lawang.He loves his home & his jungle , spending a lot of time in the  jungle & nature and watching animals & birds & flora & fauna and if you are like to join with him feel free, he is funny person & he will share beatifull flora & fauna & wildife




  bimbla has been a certified guide for 5  years, and before this he was  worked for over 3 years in the local Bukit Lawang tourist hotel & hospitality responbility  bimbla is specializes for  1 to or 5-days jungle trekking , and he can speak as well as English. most of the time his life bring the tourist to the , gunung leuser national park ,join with him to see orangutan in their natural habitat of nature & he will show you a most amazing & wonderfull time  at the hidden paradise of sumatra jungle & he is very good playing card magic tricks at campsite in the jungle ,funny person & always like to laughing & humoris