Getting here

Sumatra has a good road network and transportation system so you should face few problems when travelling on the island. Buses tend to be the best option for travel, although there is a useful railway line between Bandar Lampung and Palembang. Cars, motorbikes and bicycles are all readily available for hire from the larger towns and there are also regular ferries from Sumatra to the surrounding islands.


.From KUALA NAMU International Airport Medan.

ALS buses leave directly from Kuala Namu airport to Binjai city (40,000 RP). On arrival at Binjai station, take a tuk-tuk (5,000 RP) to Tanah Lapang Binjai. From there, take the L300 or PS bus (25,000 RP) directly to Bukit Lawang.


From Medan City.

Take a taxi or local bus to Pinang Baris. Ask your driver to drop you at ‘Mawar’ bakery (1km from the bus terminal) where you can catch the public bus direct to Bukit Lawang (30,000 RP with luggage). The bus takes 4-5 hours and stops frequently along the way, including a longer stop at Binjai city for refueling. Leave the bus at the bus terminal in Gotong Royong, a village just 5 minutes from Bukit Lawang. From here, take a becak (tuk-tuk) for 10,000 RP to Bukit Lawang where your guesthouse is only a short walk away.

If you have free booked with us, our team will pick you up at Bukit Lawang station and will take you to your guesthouse.

Private transport

Make your trip to Sumatra easier and more comfortable with our choice of private cars and transportation packages. All our cars have air-con, seat a maximum of 6 passengers and have drivers who speak both English and Bahasa. We provide a 24/7 service to ensure that our cars are available when you need them.& also we provide  for the big car for family or group maximum is 8 to 12 person  car

Please contact us directly for a quote.

Our standard rates (prices based per car).

Kuala Namu Airport Medan-Bukit Lawang (50 Euros)


Bukit Lawang-Berastagi (60 Euros)

Bukit Lawang-Tangkahan (55 Euros)

Bukit Lawang-Lake Toba (90 Euros)


Prices are for one-way.





our standard rate for a group or family (price based per car )

Kuala Namu Airport Medan-Bukit Lawang (100  Euros)


Bukit Lawang-Berastagi (120 Euros)

Bukit Lawang-Lake Toba ( 150 Euros)


Prices are for one-way.


share car

The solution for those of you who travel by individuals.

Prices based per person.

Kuala Namu Airport Medan-Bukit Lawang (17 Euros)

Bukit Lawang-Berastagi (18 Euros)

Bukit Lawang-Lake Toba (20 Euros)



Prices are for one-way.








(Bukit Lawang- Medan)


For transport FROM Bukit Lawang only,  there is a TOURIST BUS that leaves once a day at 8:30 am.  The prices as of June 2018 are as follows:


  • Bukit Lawang – Medan City*:  120,000 IDR

  • Bukit Lawang – Berastagi:  170,000 IDR

  • Bukit Lawang – Lake Toba:  230,000 IDR


Prices are for one-way.