I did a 3 day trek with Heri and Bobby and it was epic.
The whole operation in Bukit Lawang is so well organized. It is good for the community, the environment and the animals. Money is not their main focus and everyone we met was genuinely connected with the jungle. Treks are a set price and go through the trekking association which saves stress from negotiations or touts.
We saw macaques, thomas monkeys and lots of orangutans really close. I got much better sightings than I expected and made some brilliant photos.
Heri was kind and great with the animals and knew what to do when we got a bit too close one time! Bobby's english is very good and he was a good laugh, honest and informative.
I enjoyed swimming in the river in the afternoons and the food Rahim cooked was delicious and varied.
Nick - Winchester, England
It was a really nice and beautiful trip.
Learned a lot about the jungle, about its animals but also about its plants. We saw a lot of apes and monkeys and the urangatan came up really close, i even hold ones the hand. The food is good as well, don't worry about being hungry or anything, the guides bring enough!
Josse - The Netherlands
I highly recommend this trek.
We saw orangutans close-up! During our satisfying, long walk, we saw numerous monkeys had a refreshing swim and delicious dinner. We were led and looked after by our experienced and informed guides. Beautiful.
Allan - Australia

I can't recommend going jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang enough.

We opted for a three day/two nights trek with tubing back on the last day.

We hadn't been walking far before we had our first encounter with orangutans -- something I had dreamed about since being a child. It was incredible being so up close with these amazing animals and watching the way they traverse through the jungle. Especially fun was watching a baby learning how to swing from tree to tree, being helped by her mum when it got too tricky.

The guides Heri and Bobi were fun and informative and we felt safe with them the whole time, even when Jackie, one of the semi-wild orangutans latched onto the arm of one of our team. Heri and Bobby dealt with the situation like experts, and Jackie was soon bribed to let go with some fruit - her plan all along! (Note - Heri and Bobi never feed animals to get them to come closer to visitors for photos or other interaction. Feeding Jackie a bribe was to have her leave the group of visitors.)

Not only did we enjoy the orangutans, we saw many other monkeys and were introduced to all kinds of insects, including a fascinating praying mantis.

Trekking through the steep paths in the jungle was an adventure, and the scenery by the rivers, stunning. One piece of advice - get the studded rubber shoes on sale - they are perfect for the muddy paths and river alike. We were living wild, but comforted by the delicious cooking of Rahim and the good care of both of our guides. If we could have stayed longer, we would have! Such a great experience! Come to the jungle!!

Steph -United Kingdom
Age 35


Trek with Bobby and Heri

The jungle was great, we saw many orangutan, macaques, thomas leaf monkeys! The food was very good at every meal (curry, chicken, fresh fruits, ...) home made by Rahim!
Renaud and Mylene - Canada!